Espy Expertise
To customize our service based on your needs after understanding evaluating and anticipating vulnerability.

ESPY is one such service which provide a comprehensive support and service to customers. Risk handling has become a major concern and it is very much necessary that you must posses a business partner who has that aptitude to realize those intimidations and reduce the menace by relevant supervision and assist you to focous on the smooth administration of your business.

  • Trusting and relying on ESPY services and officers will safeguard you against crime and protect your asset/ reputation.
  • Uniformed guarding services at any location, any installation and any premises with Anglo Swiss tale-tell clock for popper duty extraction, trained to control any situation, fully connected with hi-tech communication and two-way-radio facilities.
  • Special close protection squad for exclusive security of VVIP’s specially trained armed / unarmed guards with integrity and dedication to duties.
  • Investigation services to detect integrity of security systems/ measures in an organization , trouble shooting , security consultancy and other detective services.
  • Protection services to protect property / wealth , offices, govt. organizations, Public or private places of individuals.
  • Mobile Van Escort services for transit of cash/ valuables , securities from one point to another.
  • Dog squad with handlers for premises guarding.
  • Connectivity of all personnel via radio- phone cellular phone etc.