(a)Hospitals: The health sector has to deal with an ever increasing plethora of security issues and needs to consider the options available to help them. The security requirements of hospitals are complex. Most of the times, when the visitors are in a pensive mood, they cannot be vetted, with staffs facing a range of risks & threats on a daily basis as they work to protect patients. The presence of ESPY’s trained security guards in healing to deter crime and could be further reduced if coupled with the use of visitor management solution which ESPY provides exclusively.

(b) MINES: One of the most vulnerable sector in the industry, and security needs a major attention. We have expertise on mines security for more than a decade. We have been working on several open cast mines where intrusion is at the highest level due to local, political influences. However, we have over win the scenario with our expertise & team.

  • Help colliery management in dodging illegal pits and securing the area subsequently arresting property loss.
  • Help colliery management in property survey and identifying and fixing boundary pillars.
  • We have been supervising boundary pillars scattered in an area over 10sq.k.m.
  • Help colliery management in physical position of land and building liaison with local administration, politician and mafias.
  • We have been guarding colliery equipments plants and machinery worth more than Rs. 1000 crore scattered in an area of 8 sq.k.m. without any fencing/boundary.
  • We have experience of a decade of guarding coal during its protection and its shipment from mines to railway siding along 8 k.m. road length, and lastly during its loading in rake at railway siding until its departure.
  • Providing close protection to colliery management during exigencies.
  • Providing security cover for explosives during its usage transit and storage.
  • Help management in guarding its vital installations, office , depot, workshops , vocational training centre , staff quarters etc
  • Preventing coal theft and helping management in restoring peace and harmony during crisis management like accident in mines, strikes, lockouts, bandhs etc.
  • Providing close protection for senior officials visiting the project.
  • Help management keeping mines up to the mark during mines inspection.

(c)INDUSTRIES Multi dimensional threats to the national security, corporate world and industrial organization have increased many folds from international terrorism, strikes, go slow, sabotage, espionage, pilferages, thefts & white collar crimes, bomb threats etc. Industrial security thus, no longer mere “chaukidari”. At ESPY we strive an all pervasive management function of asset protection, loss prevention and crisis management. Our expertise will provide you effective steps for security management in our organization to eliminate the above risks, threats in a cost effective way.

(d) Residential Complex: Safety Starts at Home. Residential security is a going concern and above all, a home needs to be a place where you and your family feel safe and ESPY leads the way with the right Home Residential Complex security solution & is striving to achieve that necessary sense of security.
ESPY’s professional are physically fit enough to handle any tribulations. Our professional are obtain ask to counter to minor emergencies (lost person, lockouts etc.) and to support in said emergencies by conducting crisis responders to the sense of the occurrence and documentary what happened on an incident report.

(e) Malls: Much attention has been paid since 9-11, to securing India’s most prominent potential target of terrorism, such as airports and government facilities. But as these primary target are hardened, terrorists are turning their efforts on soft targets, such as malls, shopping centre etc.

ESPY has acquired specialize skills and knowledge of malls security.
ESPY is not only looking after the safety and security part, but also penetrates deep taking care of internal fraud perpetrated by members of staffs shrinkage and risks at retail stores, soft lifting etc. Maximizing profit to his clients.

News letter speaks “There are over 5000 individuals being apprehended for soft lifting everyday, which results in billions being lost each year to inventory shrinkage.”

(f) C.M.S. (Cash Management Services): ESPY provides you with cash services with its armored vehicle private owned and managed by ESPY, There by making tension less and refreshed where you are in business. ESPY has a vehicle tracking system, which is continuously monitoring the vehicle when its move or stop, thus enhancing better security or safety of your cash or instruments.

  • 1. Reduction in bank charges: You may loss your cash when you are going to bank as result often attack. You may also have to pay more bank charges for paying in cash over the counter. But you will be relieved from all these vulnerabilities because ESPY has come to the front to battle with these problems. Bank charges may also be reduced by the bank if we deliver cash directly to your bank in addition you will also save your wasted time.
  • 2. Saving your time and money : Time is equivalent to money in business because more the time you spent in business more the progress will be. The time which you and your employee will spend in going to and from the bank, could be better used to turn your business. Our sole duty is to collect your cash and deposit it in the bank as well as to bring your documents and bank notes for your convenience and proof . We also provide cash withdraw & deposit service from your doorstep to bank and vice-versa.
  • 3. Avoid personal attack & protection of staff : There remains a risk when you and your employee will carry cash to and from the bank . And as an employee it is your obligation to maintain the welfare of your employee So the maintain all these things in one hand and in less time you can seek our assistance which will not only reduce your risk of personal attack but also you can main tain your employees welfare

(g) CLOSE PROTECTION :Our close protection officers are highly trained and having profound knowledge & skills about almost everything towards security. These officers are armed according to the regulations of the authority. They are expert tactical driving, armed & unarmed combat & first aid. Our best officers has a record of shooting there targets in tree different directions in less than 4 seconds. However , the most important skill for a close protection officer is the ability to appraise any circumstances & decide how best to act in response to curtail the menace accordingly.

(K) INVESTIGATION: ESPY provides Specialized investigation and consultancy to corporatism in area of banking and insurance frauds , asset location, financial embezzlement and risk management. It also customers regain control of their physical or intellectual property and corporate reputation. Whether the matter is money laundering , hidden asset , trade secrets, hostile take over or hostile acts. ESPY services enable the rebuilding of internal controls and operations. We provide investigation services in core competency areas of general investigations & and matrimonial information. Our private investigators enjoy esteemed position in finest investigative agencies and have years of experience.